Declaration of principles and values

The success of our strategy is based on following these principles:

• Independence
Leiw Investments is an independent and autonomous company. We are not dependent on any banking group or financial institution. This allows us to work with complete freedom when studying, selecting and choosing the best advisors, suppliers and alternatives, guided solely by the interests and objectives of each client.

• Quality &1º Excellence
At Leiw Investments we apply the highest standards of quality and excellence in customer service. Our commitment is to provide the best possible service, managing at all times the expectations and interests of each client with the greatest dedication, attention and care, communicating clearly, consistently and effectively and selecting and coordinating the best options and professionals for each specific case.

• Personalised attention
At Leiw Investments every client is unique. We do not offer standardised solutions, but, rather, we create tailor-made solutions for you, specially designed according to your needs, preferences, objectives, and personal and financial situation.

• Security and long-term vision
At Leiw Investments we look at projects in perspective. Our intention is to establish lasting relationships with our clients and accompany them through time helping them in any way we are able to. For us, it is essential to minimise risks and commit to long-term security and preservation of our assets.

• Privacy & confidentiality
We believe it is essential to provide our clients with the greatest privacy and confidentiality in the treatment of their affairs. This is one of the reasons why we choose to operate from Luxembourg, as the principles of privacy and confidentiality are important pillars of Luxembourg law.